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Facial Treatments

Face it. Your skin needs some love. Whether it’s time to hydrate and rebound or soothe and wind down, our facials are designed with your skin’s unique tone in mind. Tell us what your skin needs or let us do the talking. Whatever you wish.


The antidote to modern fatigue and an urban lifestyle, bring energy back to the skin counteracting the effects of stress, pollution and lifestyle aging. Customizable for all skin types.

€140/60 mins


Plump, lift, firm and restore your skin, soften lines, improve luminosity and vibrancy. Includes a double peel followed by a lifting mask for immediate results.
The treatment focuses specifically on hyperpigmentation, skin protection and radiance.

€160/75 mins


This facial includes a deep tissue face massage for face, neck and décolleté improving skin renewal and circulation by stimulating the connective tissue. This will result in firmer skin and improved skin structure.

€160/75 mins


Inside and outside recovery. Fully customized to whatever your skin needs most; hydration, deep cleansing, or treat sensitivity.

€140/60 mins


Detox the skin from pollution and treat impurities and imperfections with this deep cleansing treatment suited to all skin types.

€140/60 mins

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WET area & FIT® are restricted to over 16’s only.

Unfortunately our spa is not wheelchair accessible.

WET area & FIT® are open from 9 AM till 9 PM.