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An Urban Sanctuary

Beat the bustle of the city with ease. Whether you need to find your balance in deep flowing relaxation or boost your energetic fitness at our canal-view fitness space, hit refresh and escape to a world where the lights are low, the energy is free-flowing, and rest becomes a true (and necessary) art unique to you.

Haute Grandeur 2024 Awards


Global Winner – Best Unique Spa Experience

Regional Winner – Best Spa Hotel in The Netherlands from Haute Grandeur 2024
Regional Winner – Best Luxury Boutique Spa (Western Europe)
Regional Winner – Best Luxury Urban Escape (Western Europe)
Regional Winner – Best Luxury Historical Spa (Western Europe)

Stay Fit

Find your balance, boost your energy and kick on as hard as you kick back at FIT: an energy-charged fitness space with a canal-view opposite AWAY® Spa, transforming exercise from high intensity to mindful movement.
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Hotel Vault

A Historic Bank Vault

Step into the heart of one of Amsterdam’s monuments of wealth: AWAY Spa, hidden within the vaults of the historical Kas Bank. Framing the entrance is an 8000kg vault door that once protected the treasures of Amsterdam. The walls tell countless stories from employees and clients alike, such as tales of raining coins and unexpected inheritances. Discover them as you roam through our different treatment rooms and WET areas, where you can relax, unwind, and recharge, immersed in history.

Away Spa W Hotels

WET area & FIT® are restricted to over 16’s only.

Unfortunately our spa is not wheelchair accessible. Several steps and staircases are present.

WET area & FIT® are open from 9 AM till 9 PM.

Advanced appointments are required for all treatments and access to the WET area.